How to Run Like The Swedes!

Sweden has given us dynamite, IKEA, and now plogging. What’s plogging? Well it’s actually the latest fitness craze in Sweden. It’s a combination of jogging and trash picking. So, if you see people in sports gear running while holding plastic bags or carrying empty old bottle, then you just found yourself a plogger. So, do you want to grab your sports gear and join in on the fun?

If you said yes, then congratulations on becoming a pioneer in the US. Plogging has been blooming across Europe. Many ploggers are people that are sick of seeing trash on the side of the road or along their run. Therefore, by donning your sports gear and trash bag, you are ready to join the world of plogging.

Plogging is actually very good for you! It’s kind of like doing squats while jogging, which is a great workout for you. The action of bending over to pick up things works out a bunch of your muscles as well as helping to extend your range of motion. On top of that you are helping the environment.

Another added benefit is that plogging is actually a great way to help beginners get into the routine of running. It allows for breaks and shorter runs, thereby helping you build up your endurance.

For naysayers that think stopping and starting is counterintuitive, it’s actual a form of interval training. This has actually been shown to help boost your fitness levels and to lose weight.

Don’t forget to bring your friends! Unlike the loneliness of the long distance runner, plogging is easy to do with friends, and greatly encouraged!

It’s also becoming a huge online sensation. All over people are on social media showcasing their plogging hauls. Try joining in on the craze and maybe you will find a plogging group in your area.

So, when you go out plogging remember a few key essentials. First off, bring some gloves and trash bags with you. Also, be prepared for some unsavory smells. You are picking up trash after all. Other than that, have fun and remember that your work out is making a difference by cleaning up the world!

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