SAAKA bands are the most innovative moisture management system designed to remove sweat and keep you at peak performance. No more sweat in the eyes. No more slippery hands. And no more overwhelmed, soggy and bulky terry cloth bands keeping you hot and uncomfortable.

Made of Viscose from BAMBOO


SAAKA bands were born out of necessity on Siesta Key, Florida, where we know and understand best how to handle heat and humidity. 


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They are perfect. I just finished the Rev3 70.3 triathlon in Venice Beach, FL. I never had to wipe the sweat off my forehead or out of my eyes. I have three bands now and they are great!

Alex Reiss, Triathlon Runner

Now that I’ve experienced the SAAKA difference I don’t think I could ever return to the old headbands and wristbands that I used to wear. With the high level of play that is here in Florida you need every advantage you can get to elevate your game.

Lisa Brandy, 4.5 USTA Florida

I only wish SAAKA was available when I was playing football. This bamboo technology and the ease of use with the velcro strap makes this product an absolute essential.

Michael Gruttadauria, Super Bowl 34 Champion

I used the headband, the MP band as an upper arm strap, and the mother of all inventions, the Ankle bands. I had no sweat in the eyes, could wipe my mouth (from spilled hydration along the way), and had NO sweat in my shoes.

Ray Jerauld Jr, Ultra Runner

Even in matches that last three sets, sweat is no longer an obstacle to overcome as it is perfectly contained within these bands. In order to keep a match competitive sweat management is imperative and SAAKA has removed this completely from the equation.

Pedro Ramos, 4.0 USTA

SAAKA products are literally the only headbands I have ever used that stay in place, keep the sweat out of my eyes and that don’t make me feel hotter than I already get training in the South Florida sun.

Suzanne Silverstein, Marathon Runner

I was amazed at how well the wristbands worked. They really prevented the sweat from getting to my hands. The SAAKA bands kept my clubs in my hands with no slipping.

Gabrielle Tomeo, Amateur Golf Star

During my typical CrossFit workout I sweat a lot which affects both my vision and grip. I’ve found the SAAKA head and wristbands to be the most effective product out there for keeping my eyes clear and my hands dry.

John Chapman, Attorney/CrossFit Enthusiast

Wristbands are a requirement of playing tennis in Florida, but the usual cotton style end up feeling like 5-pound weights around my wrist. I am so excited about the products by SAAKA.

Ray Collins, Pro Tennis Announcer