Tennis Players and Wristbands: What’s The Deal?

Why does it seem that almost all tennis players wear sweatbands or wristbands? They flaunt their sleek sportswear for many reasons. We actually came up with the top four reasons why you see this type of apparel worn by so many athletes. But, let’s focus on tennis and how inseparable wristbands and headbands are from the game.

  1. Prevent Sweat

The most obvious reason for wearing accessories like wristbands and sweat bands is to prevent sweat. Tennis is a very intense and active sport. The game can actually span hours, which means there’s going to be a lot of sweat. You need to be able to cool off your body so that you can be effective. You also want control of your racquet. Wearing a wristband will help prevent sweat from making you lose your grip and costing you a point or even worse, the game.

  1. Forehead Sweat

Sweating is your body cooling you down. However, sweat can be a nuisance when you are being active. Sweat can drip down from your forehead and into your eyes, causing you to be distracted. That is something you cannot afford in a tennis match. The salt in your sweat, once in your eyes, will affect your vision and cost you the game. By wearing a sweat band or arm band, you can prevent sweat from slowing you down.

  1. Sponsorships

Tennis players are truly international stars. Once you hear their name mentioned, you instantly can picture them. This does not go unnoticed by sports gear companies. They know that these high profile stars can help promote their brand. You’ll notice that many tennis players have logos on their head bands, wristbands, and arm bands. That’s some prime real estate for advertising!

  1. Raising Awareness

Sports gear is not only great for performance but also for raising awareness. Certain colors can reflect certain diseases or cancers. If a tennis player is wearing pink arm bands and a pink head band, then they are most likely raising awareness for breast cancer. Their sponsors may then even donate money to their cause or charity to help support research.

Sweat bands are huge in tennis because they can help prevent sweat from affecting your game. They can keep sweat out of your eyes, keep your grip solid on the racket, and help promote awareness for any cause. Visit our website to enjoy SAAKA high performance sweat bands today! See firsthand why tennis players love them.