4 Ways to Find the Best Diet for YOU

It feels like there is a new diet fad every day. On top of that, there are already tons of existing ones that could make your head spin. So the question is which one should you use? Well, that all depends. Food is fuel for your body, so make sure you are putting in the right fuel. You research the best sportswear, so you should also research the best diet. The last thing you want is to come back from a run or a work out, tossing your sportswear on the ground once you walk through the front door, and then diving into a meal that won't lead to the most improvement. So, before you start the process all over again, let’s take a look at four things to help you with your diet.

Food Journal

This may take you back to middle school, but it’s really important. Lots of athletes and bodybuilders log their calorie intake. Well, let’s take that a step further and record how you feel after your meals. You might be surprised to learn that three large meals make you feel better than six smaller ones. Another thing you might notice is how you feel a day after a certain meal.


Eliminating processed food and sugar is a big step towards a healthier diet. Detoxing is more than just following celebrity fads. It’s about figuring out which food makes you feel good and which food slows you down. By eliminating unhealthy food, your body slowly begins to heal.

Record Again

Okay, so you just logged and removed certain foods from your diet. Now, slowly introduce one food item at a time. With your body flushed and clean, you can more accurately record which food affects you.


The hard part is sticking to it. We want immediate results with little to no work. This means the odds are stacked against you. But, if you truly want to find the best diet for you, then it’s important to but in the time and work to figure it out. By determining your own diet, you save yourself from whatever mishaps you might stumble upon using someone else’s diet plan.

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