4 Ways Physical Activity and Exercise Helps Keep Your Brain Healthy

Being physically active is not only good for your body, but it’s also good for your brain! Every time you think about throwing your sports gear in the closet and collapsing on the couch, just remember that you are also hurting your brain. Carve some time out in the week to exercise and stay fit. Check out blogs about sports gear and how exercising benefits you immensely. Now go open that closet door, grab your sports gear, and let’s tackle this together. Here are four ways that your brain benefits from exercise.

  1. Brain Growth

We all know that as we get older, our brain cell production slows down. But, this can actually be changed. Exercise has been shown to help with brain growth. By working out and doing your cardio, you boost blood flow to your brain and actually help with getting oxygen to that brain of yours. Studies show older people who are in shape tend to show less age-related brain changes.

  1. Depression

Depression really puts a damper on you. Your brain actually slows down its ability to process information and thereby creates some serious problems. Of course if this is very serious you should reach out to your doctor. But, for less serious cases, exercising could help boost your morale. When you go to work out and exercise your body produces and releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins which boost your happiness and make you feel good.

  1. Stress Reducer

There is a reason why people go to work out when they are stressed. Exercising actually helps reduce stress by lowering your cortisol levels, thereby helping you regain focus. When you are stressed, your brain is slow and not working as efficiently as it should. Exercising helps to change that.

  1. Executive Functions

Executive functions are your higher brain functions. These include cognitive abilities like thinking abstractly, planning, completing complex tasks, and other abilities. This also includes functions such as memory. Studies have shown that people who exercise tend to perform better on cognitive tests. This is because of the relationship between physical activity and your brain’s health.

So, remember these great benefits next time you want to skip out on exercising. Reward your brain for all it does for you. Keep it strong and help it grow! Now gear up and go enjoy that workout without worrying about sweat slowing you down! Visit our website to enjoy SAAKA high performance sweat bands today!