4 Ways to Be Active At Work

Working on a computer all day with little to no movement can be a challenge. How are you supposed to be active if you spend most of the day sedentary? Well lucky for you there are some small changes you can make. You don’t have to sit in your cubicle with your sports gear, waiting to run the moment it’s time to clock out. Instead you can do small things during the day to ensure that you have some more activity. However, don’t take that sports gear off just yet. These tips are here to help you for when you can’t get away to exercise. Check out these great tips below:

  1. Walk or Bike to Work

If it is possible, try to walk or bike to work. It can help you start the day on the right foot by getting your juices flowing. You will walk into work full of energy and ready to take on the day.  Of course this isn’t possible for everyone. Therefore, try to see where you can implement this in your commute. Maybe park your car a bit farther or try getting off a few stops early. Whatever you can do helps! A major bonus is if you can wear your sports gear and get a work out going. Just make sure you arrive early and that you can find showers. Nobody wants a smelly coworker!

  1. Standing or Walking Meetings

Meetings don’t always have to be a bunch of people sitting around a conference table. Instead, switch it up. Have a meeting with everyone standing up. Plus, you will notice how much shorter and efficient they will become. On top of that, make one-on-ones or smaller group meetings into a walking meeting. It will ease everyone and help make conversation easier.

  1. Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are pretty big now. So try wearing a fitness tracker to track your steps. Set a goal for yourself and stick with it. Plus, many apps allow for you to create challenges and competitions with friends. Get your coworkers in on it too!

  1. Lunch Time

Don’t burn yourself out. Lunch breaks exist for a reason, so please take them! Dedicate some of your lunch break to eating and the rest to being active. Go for a walk or do some easy exercises and stretching. The worst thing you could do is continue sitting at your desk eating. Get your blood pumping and your endorphins going.

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