Working out and being fit doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. You can make it much more enjoyable while also keeping it beneficial. Give yourself a reason to go out and be active. Check out some fun ways to motivate you and to make that workout count. It’s time to suit up with your favorite sports gear and have some fun.

  1. Buddy Up

Working out alone can get boring sometimes. There’s also a reason why they talk about the loneliness of a long distance runner. But, sometimes people like working out alone because it gives them me time. That’s fine! If you find it more enjoyable than go for it. However, for those of you who don’t, there are options. Find a buddy to workout with. It will help motivate both of you to go since you don’t want to disappoint the other. Also try a group fitness class. Almost every gym has them, plus they are a great way to make new friends too!

  1. Movement

Working out can be something you already enjoy doing, like dancing for example. Just be active because you like it. Instead of having a mentality of I must run 4 miles a day, switch it up to something less stressful for you. Try joining an intramural sport, hiking, or doing something completely different. Plus, you’ll be more likely to keep at it!

  1. Outside

Some people just can’t stand running indoors. Staring at a screen and working out doesn’t appeal to everyone. Solution? Go outside! Fresh air will always reign supreme. Your body will thank you for it too! That’s because exercising outside revitalizes you and gets you in the right mind set. Instead of walking on the treadmill, go for a walk in the park. Why not enjoy the activity during that same time duration.

  1. Fitness Apps

Fitness is all the rage. So, there is no lack of workouts for anyone. Try some great apps that get you moving. They even have one where you are being chased by zombies! Take advantage of all the great apps out that that reward and motivate you to workout.

  1. Competition

Many people are competitive. There are plenty of ways to challenge yourself and to use that primal drive to motivate yourself. You can find challenges online or create them on your own. Utilize that sense of competition and test yourself. You may be surprised by the results.

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