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Article: 6 Ways to Get a Workout In While On Vacation

6 Ways to Get a Workout In While On Vacation

6 Ways to Get a Workout In While On Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Going on vacation is some of the best times of our lives. We see new places and spend time with our friends/family. However, they can really throw a wrench into your workout routine. Check out these helpful tips below to see how you can have a great time away and still stay true to your exercise regiment. 

  1. Pack for a Workout

By packing your sports gear and running shoes, you are already setting yourself up for success. This will help eliminate the excuse that you don’t have the right workout gear. Plus, you sacrificed space in order to fit your gear. So, you might as well use them!

  1. Plan Ahead

Check out the fitness facilities in your area. Ask your hotel about what kind of gym they have. Also look to see if there is a nearby park that you could go for a run in. You can also even check out some local gyms for an extra good workout.  Also, let your friends and family know that you plan to work out so that you can keep yourself accountable.

  1. Fitness Tracker

If you use a fitness tracker, then keep using it! It’s a great way to remind you that it’s probably time to get active. Plus, it will help you to make sure that you walk more in whatever city you are exploring.

  1. Expectations

It’s important to realize that you most likely won’t get in the workout you wanted. But, doing something is better than nothing at all. So, plan for realistic expectations. Use the hotel’s gym as best as you can. You can even workout in your hotel room by doing bodyweight exercises that don’t require gym equipment.

  1. Swimming

If your hotel has a pool or you are swimming at the beach, then you are in luck. Swimming is a great exercise that will give you a decent workout without you having to train like Michael Phelps. The resistance of the water will provide a great alternative for working out if all else fails.

  1. Recovery

Remember to recover from your workouts, just like you would normally back home. Traveling, especially long flights, can cause some pain and stiffness. Make sure to keep your muscles loose and to recover as you would normally.

Now go get active and enjoy that workout without worrying about sweat slowing you down! Visit our website to enjoy SAAKA high performance sweat bands today!

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