How many times has sweat slowed you down? Whether it’s sweat dripping down into your eyes or causing your hands to be slippery, sweat can impact your performance. So how do you prevent this? Well luckily the sports gear industry has been flourishing. Gone are the days of being forced to wear bulky terrycloth bands that become soggy. Thanks to advances in technology, sports gear is always changing and always improving. Check out 5 reasons why you should be using sweat bands as part of your athletic sports gear.

  1. Keep the Sweat Away

This is pretty obvious. Nobody wants sweat dripping into their eyes while working out or doing an athletic activity. You also don’t want sweat dripping down your arm and making your hands slippery. Image trying to play tennis or basketball without being able to grip the racket or control the ball. It just doesn’t work.

  1. Free Flowing Hair

Headbands are especially useful for keeping back that mane of hair. It’s important when running or playing sports to stop your hair from blocking your vision. Tame your hair by preventing it from slowing you down during your workout.

  1. Cooling

Sweat bands and headbands actually keep you cool and make your body more efficient. Try working out with one versus without one. They really do make a difference in keeping you cool and preventing you from overheating.

  1. It Factor

Sweat bands and headbands are basically fashion accessories now. They are proudly worn by all types of athletes and sports enthusiasts. They can also replace those lucky gym socks you never wash! They can also be intimidating to opponents when playing a sport. Remember, winning the mental game is just as important as winning the physical game.

  1. Safety

Neon isn’t just for fashion. It actually helps with safety as well. Having a bright neon headband or sweat band can help you stand out when you go out for your run. Working out is great, but be safe and easily noticeable especially when running after sun down.

Now gear up and go enjoy that workout without worrying about sweat slowing you down! Visit our website to enjoy SAAKA high performance sweat bands today!