How to Deal with Running in the Wind

Alright so you are out running. You have your workout headband to protect you from the sun and to keep the sweat from your eyes. But, what can you do about the wind? You need your workout headband but you also need to learn about the effects of the wind during your run. Check out our tips below so that you can throw on your workout headband with confidence knowing that you can tackle any wind problems.

  1. Run with the Wind to Your Back on Your Return

Start your run facing the wind but when you comeback have it at your back. There are two reasons for this. The first is effort. Running into the wind will exert extra effort and will have you feeling defeated since it will make your run much harder. The second reason is body temperature. If you are running into the wind when you are sweaty, it will waste precious energy to warm up your body while also kicking your immune system into higher gear.

  1. Slipstream

If you are running with a group of friends, take turns leading. The people behind the leader will get a buffer from the wind. That means you won’t have to exert as much energy running. During a race, that’s a whole different story.

  1. Breathing Techniques

Try breathing to the side when running straight into the wind. This could help improve your breathing since you aren’t being hit straight on. Plus, if you are struggling to breathe then you are working harder and therefore hurting your run.

  1. Effort

Don’t worry about your speed. Instead focus on your effort levels. If you try hard to fight against the wind, then you are just wasting your energy because you aren’t going to win. Instead, focus on how to use the wind. Think of how you run differently going up or down a hill. Apply the same mindset to wind and adjust your effort according to that.

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