3 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Thanks to social media, people tend to harshly critique their own body image. This isn’t something new, but the endless amount of physically fit people plastered on ads, in movies, or all over social media can drive people to this. You may be on a run or hitting the gym with your favorite workout headband, but feel like it’s not enough. You might also think your workout headband looks like a fashion accessory more than a practical product (it’s actually both!). But have no fear. Below are three simple ways to improve your body confidence so that you can rock that workout headband no matter how you feel!

  1. Start Loving Your Body Now
    Most people wish they had a different body or physique and that no matter what you do, nothing changes. Again, almost everyone feels this way. But, use those frustrations to make a positive change. Think of it like this, your body is just starting its journey towards self-improvement. It’s done great things for you so far, so thank it by improving it.
  1. Stop Shaming Yourself
    If you hate your body, then why would you waste the time to change it? This type of thinking is what causes a lot of people to not make a change. But, if you think to yourself, I love myself too much to not make a positive change then you will be more inclined to make that change. This will also spill out into other aspects of your life. You will see how your outlook will change for the better.
  1. Focus on Your Personality
    People tend to get caught up in physical appearance that they forget about focusing on their personality and who they are. To truly have a positive body image, you must also have a positive personality. The physical and mental cannot be separated, as many of our posts have shown. Running or working out is as much a physical game as it is a mental one. So keep this in mind as you work towards a better, and more positive, body image.

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