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Article: 5 Ways to Win the Mental Workout Game

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5 Ways to Win the Mental Workout Game

If you are training for a race, a competition, or for yourself, you’ll have to conquer the mental game. Once you put on your workout headband and hit the pavement or the gym, nothing can stop you. Except if you have doubts about your mental game. A workout headband can keep the sweat out, but what will keep out self-doubt? Take a look at five ways you can kick self-doubt to the curb. Oh, and you can keep rocking that workout headband while you do it!

  1. Find Your Why

You might have read a previous post about the importance of finding your why. It’s a crucial part of your training because it motivates you to be better.  Discovering your why early on will also pave the way to success since it will always be there to push you forward.

  1. Visualize Victory

An important part of winning the mental game is to visualize victory. Every time you run or train, imagine it’s for the big race or for that competition. Imagine yourself there, about to cross the finish line.

  1. Failure – Just a Word

Don’t be afraid of failing. If you ran a race but didn’t get first, you didn’t fail. You are just a step closer to victory – whatever it may be. There will always be that next race or that next competition. So, go for it and learn that every trial is an opportunity.

  1. Reflect

If you feel like giving up, look back and reflect on how far you have come. Take pride in knowing that your Day 1 and your current day is vastly different. Appreciate the hard work you put in. However, don’t get caught up on what you could have done. Just know that you won’t next time.

  1. Support Group

Always find your tribe. These people are the ones that will push you further than you ever thought was possible. They are the people that will tell you what you need to hear in order to go that extra mile. Find your supporters and let them guide you to the finish line.

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