The three layers that make up a SAAKA product work together to
pull sweat away from the skin and allow it to evaporate.
A highly absorbent core of viscose from  BAMBOO fabric collects 30% more
moisture than cotton terry cloth and has natural anti-odor properties

The saaka benefits

  • Always the right fit
  • Fully adjustable closure on several products.
  • Lasts 5 times longer than conventional bands
  • Made with MicroBlok antimicrobial finish
  • Effectively combats odors
  • Absorbs 30% more than cotton
  • Earth-friendly, sustainable product
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Cooler, thinner, lighter, better looking
  • SAAKA supports Veterans & Sports Charities USA

What Athletes think

Lisa Brandy

4.5 USTA Tennis

I was thrilled when I first tried the SAAKA wristbands and headbands. I was surprised at how effective the headband was at keeping everything out of my eyes. It was adjustable and perfectly comfortable with no annoying long ties hanging off the back of my head getting soaked with sweat. The wristbands are adjustable as well and don’t cut off my circulation which can lead to cramping during long matches. It’s because they don’t get heavy and somehow the fabric keeps your skin dry! Now that I’ve used SAAKA I don’t think I could ever return to the old headbands and wristbands that I used to wear. With the high level of play that is here in Florida you need every advantage you can get to elevate your game and play your best. I think the SAAKA line is helping players achieve that.

Ray Jerauld Jr

Runner, Racer, and
Boston Marathon qualifier

Gasparilla is four races run in two days with roughly an hour between each race drenched in sweat, but I wore the X-Band Headband, the MP Band, and the two ankle bands. Again, without fail the headband kept the sweat out of my eyes, the MP band and most importantly, the ankle-bands kept the sweat out of my shoes. I didn't have to change my shoes for the next race, I just wrung out my X-Band and MP Band, and lined back up. I strongly believe in SAAKA as a brand and would not hesitate to use them at any race of any length, nor would I hesitate giving them as a gift to any fitness enthusiast. These products simply outperform any competition!"

Michael Gruttadauria

Super Bowl 34 Champion

I love this product! I played center in the NFL for 10 years. Because no play can start with out the snap; I tried my best to keep my hands dry! Back then, I would use the only thing available to me….. cotton wrist bands! I remember having to constantly change them at least once per quarter in order to keep my hands as dry as possible. I only wish SAAKA was available when I was playing football. This bamboo technology and the ease of use with the velcro strap makes this product an absolute essential. I coach High school football now and I make sure all my players wear SAAKA bands! There are no problems with drenched cotton wristbands because we only trust SAAKA with our players for ultimate “Ball Security!”

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