Michael Gruttadauria

Super Bowl 34 Champion

I love this product! I played center in the NFL for 10 years. Because no play can start with out the snap; I tried my best to keep my hands dry! Back then, I would use the only thing available to me…..cotton wrist bands! I remember having to constantly change them at least once per quarter in order to keep my hands as dry as possible. I only wish SAAKA was available when I was playing football. This bamboo technology and the ease of use with the velcro strap makes this product an absolute essential. I coach High school football now and I make sure all my players wear SAAKA bands! There are no problems with drenched cotton wristbands because we only trust SAAKA with our players for ultimate “Ball Security!”

Lisa Brady

4.5 USTA Tennis Player

I have to wear, and always have worn, a headband and wrist bands just to try to keep as much sweat off of my face and hands while playing tennis. Products that actually work and don’t become heavy are hard to find! I was thrilled when I first tried the SAAKA wristbands and headbands. I was surprised at how effective the headband was at keeping everything out of my eyes and it was adjustable and perfectly comfortable with no annoying long ties hanging in back of my head getting soaked with sweat. The wristbands are adjustable as well and don’t cut off my circulation which can lead to cramping during long matches. It’s because they don’t get heavy and somehow the fabric keeps your skin dry! Now that I’ve experienced the SAAKA difference I don’t think I could ever return to the old sweatbands that I used to wear. With the high level of play that is here in Florida you need every advantage you can get to elevate your game. I think the SAAKA line is helping players achieve that.

Ray Jerauld Jr

Ultra Runner

Gasparilla is four races run in two days with roughly an hour between each race drenched in sweat, but I wore the X-Band Headband, the MP Band, and the two ankle bands. Again, without fail the headband kept the sweat out of my eyes, the MP band and most importantly, the ankle-bands kept the sweat out of my shoes. I didn't have to change my shoes for the next race, I just wrung out my X-Band and MP Band, and lined back up. I strongly believe in SAAKA as a brand and would not hesitate to use them at any race of any length, nor would I hesitate giving them as a gift to any fitness enthusiast. These products simply outperform any competition!"

Pedro Ramos

4.0 USTA Tennis Player

Tennis in the humid Atlanta summer is brutal. Just warming up for a match the sweat starts to pour as if you were in a sauna for 20 minutes. As I wipe the sweat off my head and hands to begin the match I put on the SAAKA headband and wristbands... it's like hitting the pause button on the sweat. It stops immediately as it's super absorbent. Even in matches that last three sets, sweat is no longer an obstacle to overcome as it is perfectly contained within the bands. In order to keep a match competitive sweat management is imperative and SAAKA has removed this completely from the equation. I can't imagine playing a match without them.

Gabrielle Tomeo

Amateur Golf Star

The first time I played with SAAKA wristbands I took First Place in the 14-18 year old division of the Premier Junior Golf Championships at USF The Claw! I was amazed at how well the wristbands worked. They really prevented the sweat from getting to my hands. The SAAKA bands kept my clubs in my hands with no slipping.

Randy Ardenfriend

Tennis Pro

I've enjoyed the SAAKA wristbands for a few years. Much lighter and thinner than terry cloth products. I love the antimicrobial properties that keep the bad smell away that we all know about! I also enjoy that it is adjustable so it can be loose or have a bit of compression. Lightweight, adjustable and absorbs more moisture keeping your grip dry.

Jon Lee

Tennis Enthusiast

I wanted to give a brief congratulations and thank you to Steven Weider the developer of SAAKA. I have been a tennis player for many years and have always gone through several cotton wrist bands throughout my matches due to the being a heavy sweater.I was introduced to the SAAKA sportbands during a recent tournament here in Sarasota, FL. I gave the bands a try and was completing blown away by the performance of the wrist bands. They took care of all of my sweat during my all my matches and help me make the finals. Thank you SAAKA!!! I won’t play without you on my arm. Here is to having dry hands.

Alex Reiss

Triathlon Runner

They are perfect. I just finished the Rev3 70.3 triathlon in Venice Beach, FL. I never had to wipe the sweat off my forehead or out of my eyes. I have three bands now and they are great!