Ankle Band

Ankle Band Two-Pack: Unbelievably comfortable bands that effectively prevent the flow of sweat in to your shoes.

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Ankle Bands are super absorbent, extremely comfortable and fully adjustable bands worn at the ankles to prevent the flow of sweat in to your shoes on those long hot runs and intense workouts. 
+ One size fits most ankles
+ Velcro type enclosure ensures a perfect fit 
+ Three layer construction; highly wicking microfiber surrounds our viscose from BAMBOO fabric
+ Absorbs 30% more than cotton 
+ Lasts 5 times longer than conventional bands 
+ Effectively Combats Odor
+ Cooler, thinner, lighter, better looking 
+ Easy care and maintenance 
+ Made in the USA 
+ Earth-friendly, sustainable product
+ Each purchase supports Sports Charities USA
All SAAKA bands are comprised of three layers of fabric creating our Dynamic Moisture Management System that continuously and efficiently pulls moisture from the skin surface through and to the outer layer for quick evaporation.

The two outer layers of SAAKA are made from a high tech antimicrobial, poly/spandex microfiber with built in moisture management properties that create incredible wicking action. Our middle layer of SAAKA is highly absorbent, odor combatting, viscose from BAMBOO fabric that absorbs 30% more moisture than cotton.​

You won’t find a more comfortable fitting band than SAAKA. Here's why: SAAKA will always fit intimately with the wearer's skin because of our exclusive closure system. Sections of vented (breathable) Velcro are placed on each band so that you, the wearer, determines the snugness, tension and comfort of the band.

With our closure system, you get a perfect fit every time, with ultimate comfort. SAAKA will always adapt closely with your skin, which is essential, so that no gaps exist between the skin and band where moisture will invariably leak through. And our vented Velcro allows the DMMS to take place even at the closure for complete circumferential moisture removal.

Simply stated: SAAKA Sportbands work.
All products should be cared for with instructions applicable to that product. Failure to do so may void product warranty.​
  • Fasten the closure to before washing to prevent snags.
  • Hand-wash.
  • Air or line dry only.
  • Do not use fabric softeners
"The mother of all inventions"
"the Ankle-Bands kept the sweat out of my shoes. I didn't have to change my shoes for the next race, I just wrung out my X-Band (could have filled up a Dixie Cup) and MP Band, and lined back up. Everything worked perfectly"