Staying Motivated to Workout

Those first two weeks of working out or running are tough. They really can make or break you. You start off all excited, back from the store with brand new sports gear, ready for action. Then you hit a wall and now your sports gear is shoved away in a draw or in a closet somewhere. What went wrong? Well it’s probably motivation. Once you make it past this obstacle in the beginning, it’s important to be consistent. Check out these great tips on how to stay motivated.

 Mental Game

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Being committed is what often makes the difference. We want to have six packs, but we won’t compromise on our diet. We want to feel better and get in shape, but we make excuses too easily. Just remember that now is the best time. Start and don’t quit, that’s the trick. Now go grab your sports gear and start the physical work.

 Block Out Distractions

You will quickly learn that everyone and their mother have advice on what to eat, what workout to do, and what equipment you need. Simple advice: tune the noise out. It’s great that there is a wealth of information online, but everyone is different. What works for someone, might not work for you. Plus, there is almost always something that will counter what you just read. So ignore all that and just start running. You aren’t going to start off running like an Olympian or a marathoner, but you need to start by taking that first step. Additionally, if you just started lifting, speak with a trainer to help get you started if you feel lost.


If you just started running, you might think of asking your friend if you could join them on their runs. This may work from some people. But, it could also be very intimidating. The most important skill to first develop is consistency. Instead, try social accountability. Post your journey online, thereby forcing you to be consistent.

Goals and Milestones

Make your goals doable. Don’t expect to be able to run a marathon after running for only two weeks. So, start small but dream big. It will help you gain confidence and consistency when your accomplish goals early on. Don’t forget, you can always create new goals. Additionally, celebrate every milestone. Pump yourself up! Ran your first mile without stopping? Congratulations that’s something you weren’t able to do before.

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